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Living Safety

The roles of City and District governments are divided such that the City carries out snow removal on parts of driveways, general city roads, and bridges on Hangang (River) with the six Roads & Bridges Maintenance Office and Facilities Management Corporation; District governments cover the rest of the roads (main roads and inner roads).

Snow Removing Measures together with citizens

There are difficulties in reinforcing administrative force due to financial burden and effectiveness for the quick removal of snow on all alleys and roads. Thus, citizen awareness of the responsibility for snow removal in front of houses, shops, and village streets by themselves as an old tradition done by people upon waking up early morning and cleaning from their homes up to the entrance of the village. On the other hand, the snow removing duty of the building manager on the pedestrian and side streets became mandatory with the amendment and enforcement of the Natural Disaster Measurement Act on 7.27.2005. "Regulations on the removal of snow and ice by building managers" were established and enacted as of 7.19.2006, stipulating the range and period of removing snow and ice and the responsibility of the building manager to remove snow and ice on the pedestrian and side streets near the building from Winter 2006.

Range of citizen's duty regarding the removal of snow and ice (pedestrian and side streets)

From 2006, regulations on the removal of snow and ice by building managers were enacted. Let's work earnestly on snow removal in front of houses and shops so that our families and neighbors can walk safely!

Period of snow removing

  • Snow falling during day time should be removed within 4 hours of the time snowfall stops.
  • Snow falling during night time should be removed until 11 am the following day.
  • In case of snowfall higher than 10cm, however, it should be removed within 24 hours.

Range of snow removing on the road

Range of snow removing on inner road