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Checking the Design, Alteration, and Management of Sewerage

Checking the Design, Alteration, and Management of Sewerage

In summer of 2011, Gwanghwamun Square was submerged for more than 2 hours due to localized heavy rain. After altering the type of sewer pipe to C type due to the underground passage construction, the slowdown of rain flow in the pipe resulted in flooding. Thus, the capacity and shape of sewerage are directly connected to flood damage.
Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the 「Autonomous District Integrated Improvement Plan for Sewer Management System 」 was prepared for the careful management of sewerage from A to Z, such as examining a preliminary design from the design phase and consulting experts on the matter of sewerage alteration.

Technical support for design in the planning of district sewerage projects by operating the “Preliminary design examination system”

First, the “Preliminary design examination system,” as a process of co-examination with Seoul Metropolitan Government in the stages of Field measurement completion and Repair examination, is a form of technical support given by district governments to establish economical, effective plans by removing waste factors through consultation with internal and external experts and raising the inundation reduction rate.

“Consultation on public sewerage conduit alteration” preventing the imprudent alteration of sewerage in all sorts of constructions

“Consultation on public sewerage conduit alteration” is a system wherein district governments must consult Seoul Metropolitan Government on the alteration of public sewerage conduit and, when water flow problem is anticipated, Propriety examination should be conducted through an advisory panel consisting of experts of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

“District Sewerage Management Evaluation” and provision of incentives for systematic sewerage management

“District Sewerage Management Evaluation,” a regular inspection/evaluation of district sewerage management by 14 criteria in a total of 5 fields, is prepared to complement any flaw in district sewerage management and operation and to establish an effective management system in accordance with the City policy.