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Food Safety

Capacity Building for Securing Food Safety

Realization of Food Safety policy such as improving the sanitation levels of medium-sized and small food manufacture and processing restaurants and early settlement of HACCP by removing the risk factors in advance through systematic diagnosis in the field of medium-sized and small restaurants by experts and customized technique guidance

Safety Management of Agricultural and Marine Products

Securing the food safety of citizens by preventing the distribution of nonconforming products and taking administrative actions against nonconforming products through the safety inspection of agricultural and marine products circulating in the market

Children's Diet

Promoting food safety among children by improving sanitation levels of children’s food preference market and guidance · enlightenment activity. Encouraging proper dietary life by implementing various children-customized education programs in order for children to be aware of the importance of food safety and improving eating habits

Origin Mark
  • Guidance administration regarding the origin mark of agricultural and marine products in the market: Providing accurate information as to the origin to the customers by securing the transparency of food materials trade through the effective check of guidance on the origin mark of agricultural and marine products
  • Collection Examination of authorization of origin of agricultural and marine products: Conducting the collection examination of authorization of origin for exterminating fake indication and disguised sales, establishing sound business order, and contributing to the food safety of citizens
  • Education · Promotion of Origin Mark of restaurant and Guidance: Promoting the early settlement of the origin mark system through promotion followed by expanding the mandatory items of the origin mark of restaurants and check of guidance
Sanitation Management of Restaurant
  • The “final payable price” including VAT and Service charge, the final price that customers actually pay, should be indicated in the menu in restaurants.
  • Indicating the price of meat such as Bulgogi (barbequed beef) and Rib per 100g

(From 1 Jan. 2013) AFTER

  • Rib 100g - 10,000won(180g for one person - 18,000won)
  • Sirloin 100g - 22,000won(150g for one person - 33,000won)
  • Price Indication Object: Menus wherein customers mostly grill the raw meat in person, such as Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) or Sirloin, are to be marked the price per 100g, except for cooked menus
  • How to mark: Standardizing the mark of price per 100g with possibility of marking of weight and price per single portion together with the price per 100g