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All-out efforts to curb MERS

Seoul to Step Up Disinfection of Subway Facilities to Prevent the Spread of MERS

In order to prevent the spread of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), the Seoul Metropolitan Government will dramatically expand the measures currently in place to disinfect facilities inside subway stations and subway cars.

First, the government will ensure that facilities inside subway stations, train cars, and restrooms with which passengers make direct contact are cleaned and disinfected more frequently. Specifically, subway train cars will be disinfected twice a week instead of once, and facilities such as chairs, handles, and escalator handrails, with which passengers make direct contact, will be disinfected on a daily basis.

The interiors and restrooms of subway stations will be cleaned several times every day and disinfected twice a week rather than once. The sterilization of subway ticket machines, which has been done only once a month, will now be carried out every day as well.

As personal hygiene and sanitation are critical to preventing the spread of disease, hand-sanitizing stations will be installed in the over 300 stations that handle the largest volumes of passenger traffic. Also, the government will regularly inspect subway station restrooms to ensure that they are equipped with soap at all times.

Furthermore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will promote measures that citizens can take to avoid contracting MERS. Video clips showing such measures as well as the symptoms of MERS and other related information will be featured on displays inside subway cars and stations 30 to 40 times a day. Information on the hygiene etiquette of coughing in public will also be broadcast.