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Diversifying Communication Channels

Seoul Media Hub “Seoul in My Hand”

Seoul in My Hand

“Seoul in My Hand,” an integrated online media platform, is a web and mobile communication system that effectively provides diverse types of digital contents in connection with the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s integrated online media system.

The website has integrated Seoul’s online news site “Seoul Talk Talk” and “Wow Seoul,” a citizen-created contents sharing site that allows citizens to share their videos, photographs, and web cartoons. This is also linked to Seoul’s social broadcast, Live Seoul, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s SNSs, providing a one-stop site for all kinds of news about Seoul.

In addition, the site has been designed as a “responsive web” based on HTML, which is a first for a Korean public institution, allowing all users to enjoy the sites freely, regardless of the type of device or software they use.

Above all, “Seoul in My Hand” is a citizen participatory media, where users can easily upload pictures, videos, and web cartoons, providing a chance for all citizens to become citizen reporters and artists. It is a “digital playground” where all citizens create, share, and distribute contents online.