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Diversifying Communication Channels

Live Seoul

Live Seoul is Seoul Metropolitan Government's live broadcasting system that has been designed to actively communicate with citizens and to gather opinions from them. Policy decision making processes, such as city administration and meetings, are disclosed to the general public in real time to meet citizens’ rights to know and to share policies with them.This social broadcasting system, together with SNS, is positively used to boost communication with citizens, and unlike text-centered communication means, it enables real-time video communications. Through the use of social media, the city of Seoul is able to communicate online with citizens, to gather diverse opinions on overall administration policies, and to encourage citizens’ positive participation in communication.Live Seoul continues to disclose the city’s entire administration processes, including the formulation of policies, online to citizens in an effort to listen to their opinions and to reflect their opinions in policies.Live Seoul broadcasts live online, and a replays programs 24 hours a day to allow citizens to access the city’s administration. It also allows viewers to write comments in real time in order to allow for the exchange of opinions between city officials and citizens.The Live Seoul mobile app provides its own Sharing SNS function along with the other functions of its website to share programs with other users through Twitter, Facebook, and Kakao Talk.