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City Administration Plans

Seoul seeks new changes to work and enjoy together.

Citizens’ Voices

Hope housing : Supplying 80,000 public rental houses
Creating good jobs : Fostering 20,000 creative specialists
Establishing schools without worries about meals/tuitions : Providing free meals to elementary and middle school students by 2014
Reducing debts and balancing the budget : Reducing Seoul’s debts by 7 trillion KRW
Establishing a safe city that is founded on basic order : Adopting the rainwater circulation system
Open administration 2.0 : Establishing Seoul Information Communication Center
Reviewing civil engineering and construction projects / eco-city : Reviewing the entire Hangang (River) Renaissance Project
Women hope : Securing two or more national and public nursery facilities by dong (administrative district unit)Woman hope : Securing two or more national and public nursery facilities by dong (administrative district unit)
Welfare umbrella : Devising the criteria for citizen welfare services
Boosting Seoul’s economy : Bolstering small business competitiveness

Vision Seoul, a city that we are all creating together | Goal : welfare for everyone, an economy that benefits everone, a culture that we can create together, a safe sustainable city, city administration supported by citizens

Overview of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Administration Plan

Welfare for everyone - 73 projects

  • Preparation of civil welfare standards : Formulate civil welfare standards to allow every citizen to enjoy welfare
  • Expansion of public rental houses : Expand user-oriented rented houses to ease citizens’ housing concerns
  • Creating a city of hope for women : Create a city of hope for women where women can work and take care of each other together
  • Strengthening of public medical services : Strengthen public medical services to create a healthy Seoul for everyone

An economy that benefits everyone – 44 projects

  • Implementation of an economy of hope for youth : Promote an economy of hope to assist young people’s self-realization
  • Creation of good jobs : Create good jobs through sharing and collaboration

A culture that we can create together – 33 projects

  • Expansion of cultural, creative activities : Expand cultural, creative activities in citizens’ daily life

A safe, sustainable city – 96 projects

  • Establishment of a sustainable-city plan system : Establish a sustainable-city plan system to create a human-centered city
  • Creation of a safe city : Create a safe city where people can lead a comfortable life
  • Realization of convenient transport : Establish a convenient transport system focused on people
  • A city of energy production : Convert a city of high resource and energy consumption into a city of energy production

City administration supported by citizens – 39 projects

  • Strengthening of financial integrity : Administer healthy finance together with citizens
  • Realization of open administration : Implement open administration that enables citizens to fully enjoy their rights
  • Restoration of communities : Foster communities carefully to create a better Seoul for everyone