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Walkable City, Seoul

Two-wheel Seoul

To encourage the use of bicycles, an environmentally friendly transportation, Seoul continues to implement policies such as operating Seoul’s public bike sharing system and expanding bike amenities and roads.
In addition, to create a culture where people can ride bicycles safely, Seoul will provide various contents related to bike safety to citizens. Also, Seoul will hold the Seoul Bike Festival annually after its successful first event in 2015 in order to raise awareness about bicycles among citizens so that the Seoul Bike Festival can be one of the major festivals in Seoul.

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Seoul Bike “Ddareungi”

Seoul will expand ‘Ddareungi’, Seoul’s bike sharing system, which 100,000 Seoul citizens are currently using. By doing so, Seoul will address the traffic, air pollution, and high oil prices and will make a healthy society and enhance the quality of lives of citizens. ‘Ddareungi’ is an unmanned bike rental system which started in five districts; Yeouido, Sinchon, Sangam, inside of the four Gates, and Seongsu in October 2015. The rental system will add 450 stations (5,600 bikes) at 11 autonomous districts by this September.

Expand comprehensive bike insurance

Walking Street for Children is a policy implemented under Section 12 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act and limits car traffic in some areas around schools when children go to and leave schools. By having a walking street for children, traffic safety for children will be enhanced. There are 81 walking streets for children and 141 walking streets will be added by 2018.

Provide information about the use of Seoul bike

Seoul runs the Seoul Bike website and smartphone application to provide information on safety rules of bike riding and safety education, as well as information on Seoul bike, in order to create a culture where people can ride bikes safely.

For more information on Seoul Bike Ddareungi, visit https://www.bikeseoul.com.

Expand bike related infrastructure

As more and more people use bikes and the number of Seoul bike rental station increases, bike related infrastructure will be expanded as well.
Therefore, 40.2 km of bicycle road will be secured in the areas where rental stations are newly added.
In the existing five hub regions, additional bike roads connecting the newly added stations will be built. To ensure the safety of bike riders, 41 crossroads at nine intersections were installed already, and bike related safety facilities will be increased to 1,092.

Regions with the newly added stations<br /> Bike roads already paved: 76.5<br /> In Yongsan-gu: 6.1<br /> In Dongdaemun-gu: 14.2<br /> In Yangcheon-gu: 4.2<br /> In Yeongdeungpo-gu: 14.7<br /> In Jongno-gu: 1<br /> Existing regions<br /> Bike roads already paved: 116.3<br /> Main bike roads: 10.9<br /> Bike roads newly paved in 2015: 41.1

Seoul Bike Festival

Since 2015, the Seoul Bike Festival has been held every year to raise awareness of citizens about bikes as a green transportation option and to settle as major bike festival in Asia.
During the 2016 Seoul Bike Festival, various events that citizens could enjoy were held. Also, during the festival, ‘Asian Cities Bicycle Forum 2016’ was held. The forum served as an opportunity to share cities’ success stories and development methods, and to seek ways to compete with bike policies in advanced countries through exchanges and cooperation of bike policies among Asian cities.

Division Main content Related events
Festival events Held parades and film festivals where citizens could participate and enjoy • Unique bike parades
• Bike owl film festival
• Bike book & music concert
Educational events Provided education about bike related safety rules and maintenance and repair methods • Bike safety education
• Bike maintenance class
Experimental events Held events where citizens can participate and host • Bike flea market
• Remind wedding bike
• Ddareungi’s daily photo exhibition
• Chef’s bike food recipe
• Road full of bikes
Policy events Held Asian Cities Bicycle Forum and discussions • Asian Cities Bicycle Forum (ACBF 2016)