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Road Improvement

Management of Business Facility on Pavement

Business facility on pavement is run with permission for occupation and use according to the Regulations on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Management of Business Facility on Pavement, such as street stands and shoe repair stands.

  • To facilitate citizen’s convenience, street stands were established during removal measures of street vendors and maintenance plans for newsstands around the 1980s. Recently, they were refined and redesigned with the establisment of Design Seoul Street to create a pleasant environment for pedestrians.
  • The newly changed street stands are called “Haechi Shops,” which was selected through a name contest, which is a familiar notion for citizens; it associates street shops with the upright image of “Haechi.”
Street Stall Measures
Street Stall Measures

Street Stand Maintenance

Since 2007, the Seoul Metropolitan Government Street Stand Policy has continuously improved citizen-inconvenient type and livelihood-type street stands through an epochal policy switch from previous control-oriented to management-oriented policy.

Future Direction

Continuing to promote real-name street stand system ⇒ Establishing the basic framework for street stand management

  • Scrutiny and total inspection of street stands
  • Stabilization of computer system and test operation


Supporting institutional street stand management ⇒ Guaranteeing stable economic activity

  • Relocation of livelihood-type street stands in congested areas to designated street


Sustainable management of street stands violating principles and standards ⇒ Improving the right of pedestrians to walk

  • Citizen-inconvenient type (e.g., inconvenience of public transportation use)
  • Large enterprise type


Improving the sanitization of street food stands ⇒ Providing citizens with safe food

  • Wearing disinfected overall garments on designated streets
  • Implementing the collection and inspection of street food stands
Previously crowded Jongno Street

Previously crowded Jongno Street

Where are the street stands?

Where are the street stands?

Newly relocated on the other side of the street

Newly relocated on the other side of the street