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Urban Regeneration Projects


Regeneration of Declined Urban Industrial Area

  • Sewoon Shopping Center – A dream reestablished : Young creators, master craftsmen, and citizens walking together
  • Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center – A creation of new city ecosystem based on government-supported ownership and innovation
  • Janganpyeong – Ignite the area again: A new center of automotive aftermarket


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Regeneration of Historical and Cultural Resources

  • Sejong-daero - The road to meet the modern and contemporary Seoul
  • Culture Depot Park - A time-transcending space of cultural depot dreaming of a new future
  • Nodeul Island - The Island of Dream returns to the citizens for relaxation and cultural enjoyment
  • Namsan Yejang Area - Homecoming of Namsan Yejang Area after overcoming a tragic history
  • Jeong-dong - Encountering Seoul, modern and contemporary history of Korea through the “Korean Empire Trail”
  • Nakwon Shopping Center & Donhwamun-ro - The revival of regional economy and culture along with the historic & cultural regeneration
  • Donuimun Museum Village - Discovering the history of saemunan and urban architecture of Seoul through the alleys


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Regeneration of Underutilized City Centers

  • Seoul Station Area - The birth of a world-famous walkway created by the integration of history and culture
  • Chang-dong and Sanggye - A restoration of underdeveloped area completed with an improvement of quality of life
  • Southeastern Seoul International District - A beginning of the masterplan creating a hub where international business, culture and sports flourishes


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Regeneration of Residential Areas

  • Fortress Village - A beautiful restoration by the villagers’ own hands
  • Haebangchon - Aspiration for rebirth into a town of arts and culture: Natural scenery of Namsan and vibrant lifestyle combined
  • Amsa-dong - A strong community redesigning the village culture
  • Seongsu-dong - Creating a happy town where workplaces, resting places, living spaces and communities exist in harmony
  • Sinchon-dong - A rising town bustling with the youth and their vitality
  • Sangdo 4-dong - A haven of villagers dreaming of a happy life ever after.
  • Jangwi-dong - A village with stories for every street as the neighborly love flows within
  • Changsin & Sungin - A happy village with a variety of historic resources
  • Garibong - A village of people, culture, and more hope


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