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Urban Regeneration Projects

Basic Direction for Urban Regeneration

The basic direction of Seoul’s urban regeneration is to develop a city “created by everyone together”, where “all live well together” and “all can be happy together”.

First, a city with a sustainable environment will be “created by everyone together” with the efforts of residents, experts, and public institutions. The abilities of residents will be strengthened through communication between all parties concerned, including residents, experts, and public institutions. This means that regional problems will not be solved by the lead of the government alone like in the past.

Second, “all will live well together” by strengthening the competitiveness of key areas that will lead the future of Seoul. New growth engines will be expanded while dynamizing the local (social) economy and promoting a balanced regional development.

Lastly, the quality of life of residents of underdeveloped regions improved so that “all can be happy together”. In underdeveloped areas where carrying out demolition-type maintenance programs is difficult, the quality of life of local residents will be improved by expanding the region’s infrastructure, strengthening the local identity, and restoring the residents' community.


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