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Disclosing public data through the Seoul Open Data Plaza

To open its administration in order to share it with citizens, Seoul announced the Open Administration 2.0 in 2012, and has since disclosed white papers on Seoul Metropolitan Government, major meetings presided over by the mayor, and administrative information to citizens through the Information Communication Plaza.

Furthermore, Seoul has opened the Seoul Open Data Plaza (data.seoul. go.kr) in order to share Seoul’s public information with citizens in order to create diverse business opportunities for the private sector and to develop the IT industries. The plaza is an online channel to share and provide citizens with all of Seoul’s public data, such as real-time bus operation schedules, subway schedules, non-smoking areas, locations of public Wi-Fi services, shoeshine shops, and facilities for disabled people. Information registered in Seoul Open Data Plaza is provided in the open API format and is designed to enable citizens to be able to use it in creating diverse businesses.

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