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Four Year Plan for Seoul

Hospitable City

Build a “Hospitable City” through customized, field-centered welfare

  • We will implement a lifelong door-to-door welfare system.
  • We will create an additional 1000 national and public daycare centers.
  • We will make clean bathrooms that are comfortable for students to use.
  • We will establish a public health and safety network where anyone can receive treatment.
  • We will implement the Living Wage System.
  • We will rejuvenate the city’s neighborhoods to create a foundation that supports the people’s livelihoods.
  • We will make it easier for citizens to find a place to live by providing 80,000 rental apartments.
  • The Seoul Metropolitan Government will take the lead in providing care for the elderly and people with disabilities.


Continuing in the same general direction as the administration of the fifth term of the elected mayor, which prioritized the lives of our citizens, this term’s administration will expand the “door-to-door welfare” system.

Transforming Community Service Centers into Village Welfare Centers

Community service centers, which focus on administering civil affairs, will be changed into village welfare centers with two welfare teams. The village welfare centers will work to satisfy the increasing demand for welfare in cooperation with city government officials, the surging number of social welfare personnel, and local communities and residents in the region.

Welfare Planner House Calls for Citizens of All Ages

With the transformation of community service centers into village welfare centers, the number of social welfare personnel will be doubled, adding an additional 2000 social workers and 450 visiting nurses by 2018. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will realize lifelong welfare for its citizens by having welfare planners visit the homes of all elderly citizens (65 years and above) to help them plan for their retirement and health care (Welfare Planner for the Elderly), continuously visit the homes of pregnant women and mothers until their children are two years old to assist them with healthcare management (Welfare Planner for My Child), and make house calls and provide tailored welfare services for families that do not qualify for basic living security or are suffering from illness, injury, disability, or old age.

National And Public Daycare Facilities

National And Public Daycare Facilities

Advanced Nations

Advanced Nations

Improving Old Bathrooms in 675 Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will improve old bathrooms in 675 elementary, middle, and high schools (including 448 schools that will receive private investment) by 2018. The bathrooms will be redesigned to make them more convenient and comfortable for students to use. This project will begin with an initial investment from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and then will require the participation of businesses, civil organizations, and the media.

Establishing a Public Health and Safety Network

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will also start a new “Health and Safety Network” project to provide monetary support to citizens struggling economically. In addition, the government also plans to increase the number of cooperative public-private hospitals providing public health services from 5 to 32.

Introduction of the Living Wage System for Seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to adopt the “Living Wage System for Seoul” to resolve the issues with the current minimum wage system, which is in effect maximum wage for workers, and guarantee decent living conditions for people working and living in Seoul

Creating Clean School Bathrooms That Students Are Comfortable Using

Clean School Bathrooms

Clean School Bathrooms

Clean School Bathrooms