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Support for Multicultural Families

Seoul’s Plan for the Happiness of All: 4 major goals, 7 core tasks, 36 specific programs

In light of continuously increasing numbers, eliminating blind spots in the welfare system, and enabling their independence as proactive agents of their communities, The Seoul Metropolitan Government has established “Seoul’s Plan for the Happiness of All” for multicultural families, a comprehensive plan which implements customized policies including the teaching of Korean, professional training for employment, and support for children’s education to improve the self-sufficiency of multicultural families living in Seoul..

  • Vision : Making a happy society for multicultural families
  • 4 major goals : strengthening capabilities of marriage immigrants, supporting the education of children of multicultural families, reinforcing healthy multicultural family relations, and fostering a sound multicultural society


7 core tasks
  1. Strengthen support for the stable settlement and financial independence of marriage immigrants.
  2. Support customized education for children of multicultural families and students who return to Korea.
  3. Help multicultural families avoid various types of crises and protect their rights.
  4. Reinforce healthy family relations of multicultural families.
  5. Enhance provision of information closely related to everyday life.
  6. Improve social perception of multicultural families.
  7. Prepare and arrange the system for the support of multicultural families. Specific programs: Agency focusing on the employment and entrepreneurship of female marriage immigrants, parents’ community, establishment of safety network for multicultural families in crisis (emergency rescue and comprehensive counseling), etc.


Capability strengthening for the settlement and financial independence of marriage immigrants

  • Offer advanced Korean language classes to improve Korean language skills
  • Strengthen the education of marriage immigrants by providing support for job training that can lead directly to concrete employment opportunities
  • Operate an agency specializing in providing training on employment and entrepreneurship,  to marriage immigrants
  • Support the “Happiness of All” parents’ community and meetings of multicultural families


Expanding educational support for children of multicultural families and foreigners

  • Operate visiting home school programs to help children of multicultural families adjust to school life and improve their basic learning ability.
  • Pre-elementary school: Korean language education, Elementary school: basic subject proficiency (Korean, English, math, etc.)
  • Operate a “Special Korean language class” at elementary schools located in areas with high concentrations of multicultural families and foreigners
  • Provide children of multicultural families with access to books.
  • Publish collections of (educational) fairytales (10 languages).
  • Support publication of books on multiculturalism in Korea to improve awareness of cultural diversity.


Support for the social integration of multicultural families

  • Improve perception of multicultural families and acceptance of foreign cultures.
  • Expand number of perception improvement programs, hold expo-style events for perception improvement, etc.
  • Establish a safety network for multicultural families in crisis and operate programs for the improvement of multicultural family relations.
  • Expand access by multicultural families to online and offline information.
  • Publish newsletter/magazine on general life information, operate Hanultari homepage, and develop smart phone apps.
  • Seoul’s plan for the happiness of all prepares the basis for the participation of multicultural families in community activities not as mere beneficiaries of policy support but as fully functioning members of society so that a multicultural society can be realized with a peaceful win-win coexistence of various cultures.