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SHRDC Global Academy

Foreign Officials gather to share Seoul’s best practices and urban policies

SHRDC (Seoul Human Resource Development Center) of Seoul Metropolitan Government has been contributing to solving global urban issues by sharing Seoul’s policies for the urban issues through international training programs.

The Center invites 10-15 foreign city officials to 5-10 day international programs including lectures, their policy presentation, site visits, and etc. And main themes are related to the urban development issues and challenges rising around the world: transportation, e-government, water management and climate change. Please visit the website for more updates.

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SHRDC: Headquarters of the Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI)

Back in 2014, SHRDC hosted the new headquarters of the Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI) to serve as the learning network hub of World Association of the Major Metropolises known as Metropolis. The main mission of MITI is to strengthen the institutional and professional capacities of the public officials working for local and metropolitan authorities for better public governance.

With its 4 regional centers in Cairo, Mashhad, Mexico City and Paris Île-de-France, MITI makes efforts to promote knowledge dissemination and to share the policies for the sustainable urban development. For more information on the METROPOLIS Training program, please visit the following sites.

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