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Friendly Relations with Major Strategic Regions

Seoul Metropolitan Government is promoting active cooperation and exchanges with major cities in Asian countries including China and Japan. By expanding its exchanges with major Asian cities, which are likely to consistently undergo large-scale development, Seoul is enhancing its prestige as a leading Asian city. In addition, Seoul aims to export its urban government policies and enterprises abroad by conducting exchanges with cities in Asia and the Middle East of its advanced policies in the fields of urban development and infrastructure.

Co-development through city exchanges with China
  • Consolidating and expanding the number of sister-friendly cities (Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Tianjin, Zhejiang)
  • Constructing a consistent and substantial exchange program (establishment and operation of Seoul-Beijing Integration Committee)
  • Design of an in-depth exchange plan as well as expanding exchanges with strategic cities (Dongbei)
  • Sharing administrative information by operating training programs for high-ranking Chinese officials (15 officials from 10 cities, including Beijing)


Increase volume of city exchanges with Japan
  • Driving citizen-led exchange activity business with sister cities (Tokyo, Hokkaido)
  • Promoting substantial exchange between Korea and Japan which can be directly experienced by citizens of both countries(e.g. Seoul- Hokkaido cultural facility-related activities, undergraduate student exchange, youth sports exchange, Sports for All)
  • Consolidating exchange relations via exchanges of personnel between local governments (Seoul-Yokohama)


Promoting cooperation and exchanges with Asia and the Middle Eastern region
  • Co-development via strategic exchange (Capitals of Asian countries)
  • Promoting Seoul’s excellent city administration system through provision of support to inspection teams from Asia and the Middle East (e.g. Inspection on TOPIS, Hangang (River), water recycling center, Cheonggyecheon (Stream), DMC)