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City Diplomacy

Sharing SMG’s experience and policies with the world

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been contributing to solving global urban issues by sharing its excellent policies for urban issues. The SMG has shared its 45 policies with 36 cities in 25 countries. Through systematizing its experience and technology as business models since 2012, a total of 36 projects, accounting for 84% of the total overseas expansion projects, have been exported in the past five years (2012-2016).


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(As of March 2017)

Sister and friendship cities of the Seoul Metropolitan Government
Transportation (22 cases) 13 transportation card cases including Consulting of Bangkok (Thailand) Transportation Card System, 3 transportation information center cases including Manila (Philippines) Intelligent Transportation System, and 6 transportation plan cases including Technical Advice of Transportation System in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Waterworks (5 cases) 3 facility improvement cases including the Chanchamayo Waterworks Water Supply Plant Improvement Project, 1 facility construction case (Infrastructure Construction Consulting in PMB, Brunei), and 1 water quality management case (Water Quality Improvement in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
e-Government (5 cases) 2 e-government cases including the Feasibility Study on the e-Government of Maputo, Mozambique, the Citizens Participation System for Mumbai, India, Urban Disaster Prevention System using Big Data for Columbia, and the Analysis on Commercial Supremacy of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Urban railway (6 cases) 2 facility improvement cases including Railway Signal System Improvement between Chittagong and Chinki Astana in Bangladesh, 2 financial procurement cases including Policy Advice on Public-Private Partnerships of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and 2 consulting cases for light rail transits including the Light Rail Transit of Manila, Philippines
Urban planning (2 cases) Strategic Consulting for Urban Development of Da Nang, Vietnam and Master planning for Urban Development of HanthaWaddy and southern Yangon Region, Myanmar
Environment (2 cases) Design Consulting for River Restoration of Hunan/Henan, China and Installation of LED Streetlights in Manila, Philippines
Others (3 cases) Consulting for the Emergency Management System of the Fire Service & Civil Defense of Bangladesh, the HR Capability Building Program for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the Korean Smart City ICT Application Project for India

International status of Seoul

By the SMG’s continued efforts for city diplomacy, Seoul has become one of the top 10 international cities of the world. As a result of inviting international conferences proactively, Seoul has made it onto the list of top 3 international conference cities.


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(As of March 2017)

International status of Seoul
Global Power City Index (GPCI) Ranked 6th for 4 consecutive years
AT Kearney GCO (Global Cities Outlook) Ranked 1st in Asia and 10th in the world
PWC Cities of Opportunity Ranked 11th in the world
ARCADIS Sustainable Cities Index Ranked 11th in the world
International conference city rank,
Union of International Associations (UIA)
Ranked 11th in the world