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“Seoul, a Blooming Flower” Campaign

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The “Seoul, a Blooming Flower” Campaign intends to build a cleaner green environment and a healthy society through the dissemination of excellent examples by awarding prizes through competition, at the same time steadily supporting participation by the communities so that citizens may make part of their daily life the planting and cultivation of flowers and trees.

BI of “Seoul, a Blooming Flower”

BI of “Seoul, a Blooming Flower” Campaign

A feeling close to life has been contained in the brand identity(BI) in keeping with the purport of the campaign, i.e., the city government intends to fill every corner of the city with flowers and trees symbolizing beauty and life together with the citizens. “Seoul, a Blooming Flower” is represented by Seoul’s streets and alleys that change actively with the voluntary participation of the citizens and by flowers symbolizing prosperity as well as grasses or trees.

  • Let’s build Seoul like our hometown, a beautiful city full of flowers and trees!
  • Let’s realize a healthy community where hope and happiness are shared!
Examples of citizens’ tree-planting campaigns in other countries
  • UK : Britain in Bloom Campaign – Started in 1963, this campaign reinvigorated the regional economy while improving the environment in 1,100 local communities across the UK each year with 2,100 communities participating, including small blocks, villages, and cities.
  • New York: Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest – The Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest promotes streetscape gardening, tree stewardship, and community development throughout the borough of Brooklyn. Resident groups of neighborhoods or blocks and merchant associations make efforts together (winning blocks and merchant associations are awarded with prizes, and participating groups are given certificates).
Direction of implementation
  • Direction of implementing “Seoul, a Blooming Flower” campaign, Deployment of administrative support structure
  • Development of green culture of cultivating my front yard or village for myself (to promote self-motivation and continuity by encouraging self-pride)
  • Staging a campaign of planting flower trees in every corner of Seoul through the Flower Tree Planting Month (Mar. 20 to April 20)
  • Intensive support by selecting key blocks by area: 694 places in six areas, including apartment houses, arcades or buildings, schools, alleys, villages (commons), and green belts
  • Provision of diverse forms of support to afforestation through citizens’ annual improvement by cultivating spontaneity and soundness of civil society rather than with direct support
  • Exploration, sharing, and dissemination of excellent examples through healthy competition (promotion of effectiveness)
Details practiced by citizens

There are many things that citizens can easily achieve with limited efforts. You may place a small flower pot in front of your home, store, village, school, workplace, and many other spots. You may also make a flower bed by planting flower trees or steward trees or parks on nearby streets or participate in tree-planting events while cultivating virtual trees with the “Tree Planet” game on your smartphone or at the website.