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Air Quality

  • 01Avoid going out as much as possible
    Minimize outdoor activities, such as gatherings, camping and sporting events
  • 02Wear MFDS-approved masks when going out
    Make sure your mask properly fits your face and check for any air leaks
  • 03Avoid visiting places with extreme air pollution
    Reduce idle time at places with high concentration of PM (e.g. roadside, construction sites)
    Refrain from intensive outdoor activities that require high oxygen intake to reduce PM intake
  • 04Wash thoroughly after you return
    Take a proper shower, brush your teeth, and wash your hands, feet, eyes and nose under running water
  • 05Drink water and eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C
    Drink enough water to cleanse your body of excessive toxins, and eat fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants
  • 06Manage and improve indoor air quality
    Ventilate according to the level of indoor and outdoor pollutants with proper source control
  • 07Reduce your carbon footprint
    Take public transportation instead of driving your personal vehicle, recycle instead of incinerating, etc.