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Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0

Enhanced Women’s Safety Service

■ Purpose

  • To expand and enhance existing women’s safety services
  • To revitalize services through promotion

■ Master Plan

Service Period Description
Safety Mailing Service 2016 • To increase safe mail boxes to 150 (an increase in 20%, year on year)
• To provide safety mail box addresses in cooperation with home-shopping businesses
Women’s Safety Scout • To implement the Safe Scout application service
• To strengthen cooperation with police stations in districts and Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
Women’s Safe Shelter 2016 • To increase Women’s Safe Shelters to 1,000 (an increase in 33%, year on year)
• Pre-education and site inspections of 5 member companies related to Women’s Safe Shelter
Crime Prevention Design Project • To establish 5 more local crime prevention design centers
• Programs to strengthen local communities through strengthened public-private partnership
Replacement of Streetlights on Alleys 2016 • To replace old security sodium lamps
- To replace LED security lights (approximately 4,000 lamps)
- To improve light pollution and pedestrians’ safety
Traffic Safety Network 2016 • To increase subway security staff (an increase of 18% compared to the previous year)
• To update the safety helper application: to add services on subway line no. 9