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Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0

Disaster Safe Seoul

■ Purpose

To reinforce social roles in safety against disasters

■ Master Plan

Women’s Manual for Disaster

  • To analyze the existing disaster manual of Seoul from a gender perspective and to present guidelines (First half of 2016)
  • Preparation and distribution of correspondence manual for each type of vulnerable individuals to disasters (2017)

Establishment of Infrastructure Related to Disasters from Gender Perspective

Mandatory Gender-Separated Statistics in Analysis on Disasters

  • To analyze disaster statistics managed by the SMG by each gender
  • To apply gender perspective when establishing measures to prevent, respond to, and restore from disasters

Strengthened Capacity to Respond through Citizen’s Safety Experience Center

  • To enhance education and experience programs to improve capacity to respond to disasters
    – To encourage women’s participation
    – To improve the instructors’ capacity with regards to a gender perspective

To establish and operate "Women’s Safety Experience Day," based on the World Women’s Day on March 8th of every year

Building Women’s Response Capacity and Independence

To build capacity as subjects to overcome disasters

To foster 200 key leaders for local women’s safety

  • Schedule: 2016 - 2018
  • To foster local women safety leaders for local women’s safety: 25 leaders in 2016 → 75 leaders in 2017 → 100 leaders in 2018
    – Fostering program customized to individual capacities such as local managers, childcare leaders, and nurses
  • To foster female citizen instructors with gender perspectives and to link it to local safety helpers’ activities
  • To establish networks through the "Women’s Safety Key Leader" workshop (every December)

Capacity Building Program to Respond to Disasters

  • Women-oriented firefighter experience sessions (Last half of 2016)
  • Education programs customized to women: Disaster response manual education programs for single women’s households and senior women