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Caring for children with disabilities

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is currently expanding childcare services for children with disabilities to help them to grow into be productive members of society, develop their independence and physical and mental abilities, and improve the quality of their family life at home.

Day care services for children with disabilities
  • 100% free child care services for children with disabilities (since 2003)
  • KRW 10 million support for the establishment of integrated child care facilities for children with disabilities (National, public, qualified private day care facilities, Seoul day care centers)
  • 80% support for teachers’ payroll (KRW 1 million for full-time private teachers), and full support for services provided by therapists
  • Provide teaching material support for disabled children (KRW 21,000 per person, per month)
  • Operate a professional assistance program for disabled children: children’s therapy, teacher assistance, counseling for parents of disabled children, and a family program by dispatching professionals to integrated facilities that do not have disability-trained staff.

National & Public Day Care Centers

Seoul Metropolitan Government is expanding national and public childcare centers to strengthen the public childcare function and allow working women with children to be able to perform their social and economic activities without worrying about childcare.

  • Short term goal : 2012-2014
  • Construct at least two national and public day care centers in each administrative district
  • 679 centers by 2011 ⇒ 959 centers in 2014 (an increase of 280 centers)