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Seoul Economy


A balanced global economic city full of hope

Major work schedule

  • Job : Settling New Deal jobs as a new successful model of public jobs, and offering convenience to citizens’ life
  • Livelihoods of the public: Strengthening protection of livelihood for vulnerable classes and reestablishing the system of taking measures for the livelihoods of the public
  • Vitality of industry: Presenting a blue print for the direction and future of Seoul-style economy

2020, Seoul will be reborn as a Smart Economy City

Global Leading City of 2020, Seoul
Seoul gets smarter.

City leading the knowledge-creating industry
Knowledge service
Financial hub

City with a state-of-the-art biomedical industry
Biomedical industry
Green technology

Tourism city offering cultural content
Smart, talented individuals of Seoul
A city that has achieved a balanced growth

Global Leading City of 2020, Seoul 8 sectors, 4 sectors, 5 sectors
Business service
IT fusion
Design, fashion
Tourism, MICE
Biomedical industry
Green industry

4 major urban manufacturing industries
Print digitalization
High added value
Machine mechatronics
Latest new materials

Dynamic economic city
Urban mecca of design centered around DDP
Eco-friendly smart grid research complex located in the northeastern area
Global M&E cluster located in the northwestern area
Base of the state-of-the-art convergence industry located in the southwestern area
Future-oriented international business district located in the southeastern area

Seoul gets smarter.
A richer and more global Seoul brought to you in 2020!