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Key Investment Projects

  • 07G-Valley, the Second Phase, “Bisang” Project

    G-Valley, the Second Phase, “Bisang” Project


    Guro-dong, Guro-gu & Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul


    1,922,000㎡– Tenant Businesses: 9,623 (107 Knowledge Industry Centers)

    * ComplexⅠ(446,280㎡), ComplexⅡ(386,776㎡), ComplexⅢ (1,087,603㎡)

    Investment Volume

    A total of KRW 243,851,000,000

    Investment Volume
    Type Before 2015 2016 2017 After 2018
    Municipal 36,114 37,203 94,226 76,308
    Investment Direction

    Developing the industry through the convergence of industries and companies via IoT.

    Making a G-Valley investment fund for companies.

    Hosting the SME Fair (Expanding G-Fair).

    Improving the industrial infrastructure, including housing, child care, roads, and transportation system.

    Improving the image of G-Valley and its brand.

    Expected Effects

    Strengthening the industrial competitiveness by improving the business environment of G-Valley.

    Creating jobs by enhancing its image and branding as a cutting edge industrial cluster where youth gather.


    2016.1 -2016.3: Make a business plan according to the types of business

    2016.2 -: Establish the businesses

    2016. 6/ 2016. 12: half-yearly review and assessment on each business unit

    Managed by

    Economic Planning Headquarters, Regional Industry Clusters Development Division