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2016 Comprehensive Plan of Youth Employment

Comprehensive Plan of Youth Employment

■ Situation of the Youth Job Market

  • The real unemployment rate of the youth continues to increase as more young people are giving up finding jobs.
  • Violations of labor rights for young employees occur frequently at their part time jobs.
  • Lack of useful job information causes difficulties for young people in finding their jobs.

■ Goals

Job policies that can satisfy and be understood by the youth

  • Job policies tailored for Seoul’s young citizens
  • Job policies that are efficient and realistic
  • Job policies that are both high in quality and large in quantity

■ Main Plans

Sharing More Job Information

More support for the youth to find jobs by offering them job information that can help them in practice


Developing Job Cafes Citywide

Opening job cafes using existing facilities in areas with large numbers of youth. Job cafes will provide a number of tools for searching for jobs, including job information and other required services.

  • 300 cafés planned to open by 2020
  • Furnished with study rooms, desks, shared bookcases, tables for online job search, etc.
  • Further services for job finders including suit rental for job interviews, makeup services, photo service for resumes
  • Consulting and mentoring for resume writing, interview preparation, and job experience


Offering Integrated Employment Information

Integrated employment information for ubiquitous access to job information

  • Integrated Job Portal (Jun. 2016): in cooperation among with the city government, the central government, and the private sector
  • Jobs in Seoul Application (the last half in 2016): Update for more need-based service
  • Integrated call center for jobs: Carrying on the steps until Jul. 2017
Offering Integrated Employment Information
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Schedule May. 2016 Jan. 2017 Jul. 2017
Operating Phone No. 1588-9142 Related with 120 142 independently
  • Night time call center: closing at 10 pm instead of the current 6 pm
  • Expanding the role of Seoul Job Welfare Center (the last half in 2016): offering lifelong Job services and other welfare services


Enhance Support for Offering Employment Information

  • Job Metro (June 2016 to Oct. 2016): Counseling and job information on the subway
  • Job fair for the local industry (11 times a year): Provision of job information at places like specialized high schools or traditional markets
  • Job Hackathons (14 times a year): Listening to and practicing the ideas of citizens
    – Start-up sector (May and October), social economy sector (September), youth job sector (October)

Discovering Seoul’s Small Giant Companies and Promoting Their Employment

Creating new youth jobs and introducing the jobs to young job finders by selecting and nurturing “small giant” companies in Seoul

Discovering Seoul’s Small Giant Companies and Promoting Their Employment
Sectors 1,000 Seoul-Customized Small Giants 1,000 Talented Young Job Finders
Discovery Establishing a database for jobs in medium and small businesses
• Searching for Contest, recommendation, certified firms, and administrative participating firms
Establishing a database for youth jobs
• Covering registration for job search, job training, recommendation for schools, New Deal Jobs, and policies for the young
Selection •Qualified by expert meetings and employment committee
• Rate of regular workers
• Wage levels
• Compliance with working hours and free time
• Welfare for workers including four major types of insurance
• Company’s growth potential
Qualified by campus creative employment center council and employment committee
Support • Operating an employment cooperation office
- Joined by public officials and private experts
- Individual specialized administrative support
• Support for centralized promotion for company
• Customized recruitment, support for developing the talented
• R&D, preferential treatment on participating public market
• Support for retail marketing
• Operating 119 center to deal with inconvenience occurring at company
- Unified administrative services on various regulations, etc.
• Detailed and customized information about companies
• Support for tailored job training
- Credit system of field education
- Prioritized arrangement to New Deal/Intern Programs
- Scholarship for outstanding trainees
• Support for job search
• Other supportive measures
- Supportive fund for the newly employed
- Further job training

Creating More Jobs for the Youth through Welfare Expansion and Economic Growth

Expanding Public Services

Creating more jobs for young citizens through expanding services and jobs in public areas

Main Projects Goal Until
Expanding public services including public daycare centers for children and elderly citizens 1,600 jobs 2017-2020
New jobs as city officials and workers in affiliated institutions of Seoul Metropolitan Government 6,403 jobs 2018-2020
Jobs with the New Deal Policy and internships for students 1,890 jobs 2016


Main Projects Goal Until
R&D complexes in Yangjae and Magok area 43,785 jobs 2017- 2020
Knowledge Centers in Onsu Industrial Complex 1,040 centers 2018- 2020
Fostering Green energy professional manpower 750 jobs 2016
Vitalizing businesses in handicrafts, fashion (needlework), and sharing economy 900 jobs 2016
Food trucks in Night Markets 3,000 jobs 2016- 2017


Fostering Social Economy Companies

Support and find 1,000 social economy companies related to cooperatives

Main Projects Goal Until
Fostering social economy companies

- cooperatives, social enterprises, village level companies, etc.

1,000 companies 2017 ~ 2020
Social Economic Zones 3 zones 2016
Building up the Seong-su Social Economy Fashion Cluster 2020
Opening pilot shopping mall for popular brands 20-30 shops
Shop for product by social economy companies

Promoting Start-ups and Building the Infrastructure

  • Support for space, marketing, investment, and other resources for young citizens planning for a start-up through the Challenge 1000 project
  • Promoting culture of one person businesses and local brand start-ups by expanding the infrastructure for start-ups

Main Projects Goal Until
Challenge 1000 project 3,000 jobs 2018
Setting up Seoul Start-ups Hub

- One-stop total service for start-ups

3 hubs Feb. 2017
Building Seoul global start-up support center

- Support foreigners to start business in the country

Jun. 2016
Increase of dojeonsuk (economical rental house) 390 rooms 2018
Seoul distribution center

- Establishing a major distribution channel and supporting international expansion

May. 2016

Protect the Rights of the Youth at Part-Time Jobs

Improving social perception on young part timers and setting up a foundation for cooperation between part timers and their employers in order to secure the rights of the young part timers


Opening More Centers for Young Part Timers’ Rights and Further Services

  • Opening up to 25 more centers for young part timers’ rights
  • Real-time counseling services using the Mobile Message Service KakaoTalk (May. 2016)
  • Night time call center (May. 2016)
  • Consulting tour (May. 2016) in part-time job congested areas (around universities, specialized high schools, etc.)


Effective Measures for Securing their Rights

  • Introduction to certified labor attorneys and agencies for lawsuits
  • Public disclosure after investigating sectors where rights are frequently violated (twice a year)
  • Assistant dedicated to part-time complaints
  • Expansion of Part-time Rights Keepers (100)
    – Monitoring and counselling about unpaid wages and unfair treatment of labor contracts
    – Campaign to secure the rights of young part timers


Intensified Check on the Conditions of Part-time Work Places

Checking the working condition with a focus on part time jobs involving late working hours (Mar.-May 2016)

  • Targets: 2,500 late night part time jobs
  • Checking of: cases of violation of labor rights including workers’ health, safety during their way back home, Injury insurance, delayed wage.


Enlargement of Mutual Agreement

Establishing mutual relations for cooperation between Seoul and companies engaged in part-time jobs

  • Goal: agreement with 20 companies by 2018
  • Main Contents: comply with the Bill of Rights for the youth and improve working conditions for protection


Campaign for Securing the Rights of Part Timers

  • Targets: Visit locations and PR in part-time job congested areas
  • Main Contents: The Bill of Rights for the young workers, standard contracts distribution, education of labor law, etc.

Establishing a Seoul-type Employment Model

Promoting quality of job improvement by building a Seoul-type Employment Model


Turning More Irregular Workers into Regular Workers

Switching to the full-time in the public sector, and then expanding to the private sector

Area In Details
Turning into regulars in public sector 2017 • Finishing turning irregular workers into regular workers in the public sector
- Currently 96.5% (7.043 workers) complete.
• Improvement of labor conditions and management system for irregular workers
- Guaranteed retirement age and raises (by the salary step system)
- Further opportunities for education, betterment of title (civil servants)
Establishing a sustainable change system Apr.-Aug.2016 • Finding work changeable to regular positions and changing them
• Solving current issues with irregular workers
- 120 Dasan Call Center workers, inspectors of the city’s water supply service, and security guards and mechanics of Seoul Metro, etc.
Spread the system into the private sector Apr. 2016 • Discussing suitable policies to change more irregular workers into regulars for the private sector
- Experts’ debates on related policies
• Finding and promoting ideal cases of the change

Introduction and Prevalence of Living Wage System

Applying a living wage to the public sector, then gradually expanding to the private sector

Step In Details
Step 1 2016 • Signing MOU on living wages and target companies by industry
• A Campaign for introduction of living wages
- Awarded by Mayor and signing MOU
Step 2 2017 • “Living wage Day” participated with private organization, companies, etc.
- Announcing criteria on living wage for the next year (by the mayor of Seoul)
- Holding Living Wage Conference
- Joined campaign with labor groups, business groups, etc.

Introducing and Increasing Prevalence of a Seoul-style Model of Reduced Working Time

Provide ways to reduce working hours by institutions, then apply the measures based on settlements between labor and management

Step In Details
Step 1 The first half of 2016 • Selecting institutions to test the model and applying it
- 2 institutions among those monetarily supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government
• Adoption of the model by consensus between labor and management
- Operating a TF team with experts
- Conducting studies on the methodology
Step 2 The last half of 2016 • Establishment of Seoul-style model of reduced working time and prevalence into other areas
- Achieving social accord and holding related forums
- Providing consulting for applying the model

Policy Implementation for Improving Workers’ Rights

  • Survey on Vulnerable WORKERS
    – Twice or three times per year through the Seoul Labor Center
    – Create a Seoul–customized model through developing a policy supporting vulnerable workers
    Trial open of delivery worker’s cafe
  • Create a support system for improving workers’ rights in emotional labor
  • Launching a protection team for workers
  • Preparing more manpower for expanded operations of Ombudsman system for targeted social classes