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Smart City

The Leap to become a Global Innovative Smart City together with Companies and the Citizens

Creating a Smart City together with Companies and the Citizens

Seoul is being acknowledged as the world’s best electronic government, ranking first place seven times consecutively in a survey on 100 major electronic governments thanks to the city’s world-class ICT infrastructure including high-speed internet, public Wi-Fi, and its diverse variety of citizen participatory services including mVoting (mobile voting) system.

Based on such infrastructure, Seoul set up a four-year smart city action plan in 2018 to lead the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and systematically respond to the accelerated pursuit of the smart city by the central government.

The four-year smart city action plan aims to revitalize the vision of the “citizen life-changing smart city, Seoul” through research with the participation of city officials, unaffiliated experts, and research institutions following the analysis of citizens’ demand for effective smart city projects that the city has established.

Seoul, the First Local Government to Apply Blockchain to Administration

Seoul discovered 14 blockchain-applicable administrative tasks after analyzing the city’s major policies, information system, and unit tasks. Next, the city prepared a standard classification system for blockchain tasks to apply the blockchain technology to administration, leading in sharing administration and administrative innovation. As part of the initiative, Seoul is pursuing pilot projects to prevent forgery and falsification of information on cars on the market and the performance test results of Janganpyeong Secondhand Car Market, as well as to prevent forgery and falsification of the processes of presentation and voting along with the outcomes by applying blockchain to mVoting.

Taking the Lead as a Smart City together with Foreign Cities and Companies

Seoul has globally advertised the Smart City Seoul by hosting the “Seoul Digital Summit 2018” in September 2018 and operating the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO). Established in 2010 with Seoul taking charge, WeGO now has 157 members including foreign cities and companies. In the organization meetings, Seoul discusses smart city policies with advanced cities, advertise its excellent policies and companies, and support the overseas marketing of excellent, innovative companies. Based on its systematic basic plan, ordinance, and organization that were established in 2018, Seoul has designated 2019 as the first year of the smart city Seoul based on the private-public cooperation and big data. By applying cutting-edge, innovative technologies to its administration, the city will take the lead of the sharing administration and administrative innovation.