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Policy Information Portal “Have Seoul”

Have Seoul

Have you used any website provided by Seoul Metropolitan Government? Did you experience any inconvenience? Seoul Metropolitan Government is providing citizens with services in different areas. The services were provided by several agencies and departments, so the service information had been provided through individual relevant agencies or websites. So most citizens had no idea about the information or had to search for information or contact relevant agencies individually even though they knew about the existence.

To solve this problem, Seoul Metropolitan Government planned and started to provide the ‘Have Seoul’ service which is a citizen-centric information service on 200 policies, which are closely related to the lives of citizens, from July 2016. The ‘Have Seoul’ service can be accessed and used with PCs and smartphones while being reinforced with daily-life benefits as well as 1 to 1 direct support for different administrative services.


Seoul Metropolitan Government expects that this reorganization will be an opportunity to help the citizens with specialized services by providing customized and direct services to solve blind spots, and by saving time and money to find required information.