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Platform Changdong 61

Sharing with Others, Space for Community

The space for Community is where residents can create and host a program themselves. Anyone can join to create a new gathering and engage with others through this space.

■ Room for Workshop

This is an open space for regional residents to have workshops, meetings, and a place of education (Targeted to teachers and students).

Room for Workshop

Workshop for citizen participation

• Mining assets from 4 districts of Northeast
• Culture tour storytelling
• Academy for regeneration of the city
• Forum for regional cooperation for development

Culture school for residents
• Community class
• Cooking class
• Style class
• Photo Class

■ Young Adults Creative School

Young Adults Creative School is a program for young students who plan to have careers in the culture and art fields.

• Providing special lectures for Art and Culture content
• Providing mentoring programs by professionals and experts in different fields

Young Adults Creative School

■ Urban Restoration Cooperation Support Center

The Urban Restoration Cooperation Support Center is an institution of the city of Seoul that supports urban regeneration projects throughout the regions.

• Cooperate with supporting centers from 4 Northeast districts to develop programs for community involvement
• Support economic type, urban restoration projects and with cooperation from the 4 Northeast districts: Promoting studies of people and governance