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Platform Changdong 61

The Center for Music and Performance,
The Space for Culture and Arts


With the completion of the Seoul Arena in 2025, the Space for Culture and Arts is expected to be the center for music and performance. The Red Box, located in the first container auditorium, will provide various genres of labeled performers year round.

The space for Culture and Art will provide various platforms for content, such as the theater for musicians and artists, a recording room, and a studio for music culture.

  • The Red Box: live music concerts, events related to music, live shows, etc.
  • Changdong Sound studio: Residence type of studio for music directors and others to rent as a living space where they can practice their craft.
  • Recording studio: Space for both musicians and residents used for playing music and performing.
  • Rehearsal Studio: Band ensemble space for both musicians and residents.
The Center for Music and Performance, The Space for Culture and Arts
Music Curation Concert

■ Music Curation Concert

This concert will be the new style of performance, with the musicians who reside at Changdong Sound studio collaborating with other musicians to create and perform music.

  • Musicians will participate in planning to create new content development.
  • The creative content will only be developed by Platform Changdong 61
Label United Concert

■ Label United Concert

Performances will be provided by and planned by creative artists who are affiliated with major labels

  • This generates the business for promoting labels in Korea and for developing unique and independent labels
  • United labels and develop festivals, markets, and exhibitions

■ Redbox Established Permanent Concert

Redbox also provides lifestyle concerts, with the stage hosting improvised lecture musicians every month.

  • It provides differentiated programs that unite different aspects of culture (music, food, and fashion)
  • Unites various genres of music: offers a creative performance through collaboration between artists

Redbox Established Permanent Concert

▲ Red Box Wednesday
▲ Sinawi & Ragtime

Changdong Sound Series

■ Changdong Sound Series

Provides samplings of genre-based music like Korean classical music, Rock, Latin, Hip-hop, and Electronic and features programs about sub-cultures

  • Providing performance mainly focused on genre to festive form.
Event Performance and Participation of Residents or General Rent

■ Event Performance and Participation of Residents or General Rent

Providing event programs in order to promote resident’s participation and renting of theater facilities

  • Event performance: Adolescent Wow Rock! Festival, Office Worker’s Band Festival, etc.
  • Armateur band, Club, etc. – type of residents participation rent or musician’s general rent.