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Visions and objectives for fostering cultural industry :

Seoul, a hub of cultural industry

Developing films, video games, animation, and fashion/needlework sectors as creative industries representing Seoul

Development of film industry
  • Provision of incubation support
  • Providing support for good-quality film content
  • Providing support for film festivals
  • Enhancement of Cultural Film authority
Development of video game/animation-related content industry
  • Providing support for good-quality film content
  • Providing support for film festivals
  • Enhancement of Cultural Film authority
Development of fashion industry
  • Training new fashion professionals
  • Strengthening the fashion commerce infrastructure
  • Invigoration of Seoul Fashion Week
  • Provision of support for global marketing
Development of needlework industry
  • Strengthening production infrastructure
  • Helping needlework businesses build competitiveness
  • Provision of support for small-sized businesses
  • Training needlework professionals

Cultural industry

1. Film industry

Good Film Viewing Session: This is an event showing good films to people for free at noted places or welfare facilities. Having begun in 1996, it has had great popularity among the people.

Film showing in outdoor spaces
  • Family movies showing in noted places
  • Places: Seoul Square, riverside parks, North Seoul Dream Forest
Film showing in neighborhoods
  • Classical or popular movies showing for less privileged people
  • Places: Welfare centers for senior citizens, the handicapped or those from multicultural households
Art/independent films
  • Periodical (monthly) showing at public facilities
  • Places: Seoul Citizens’ Hall; information libraries in autonomous districts
  • For inquiries, please call +82-2-2133-2594 (Cultural Industry Division)

2. Video game / Animation industry

The Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF): First held in 1995, this event has been held jointly with Seoul Metropolitan Government since 2003. During the event, cartoon/animation works are displayed, an animation festival is held, and business meetings are held between domestic producers and foreign buyers.

Major programs
  • Exhibition of cartoon/animation works: along with educational programs
  • Animation festival: a hands-on opportunity to see animation films submitted from all over the world
  • Business meeting between domestic producers and foreign buyers


3. Fashion industry

Seoul Fashion Week: An event cosponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Innocean that is held twice a year (March and October). Efforts are made to make it one of the world’s top five fashion week events after those held in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. The following programs are held during the event: Seoul Collection, Generation Next, Seoul Fashion Fair and, Fashion Event.


This is the country’s No. 1 fashion event participated in by big-name designers. First held in 2000, it has grown with the country’s fashion industry.

  • This is an event designed to train young fashion designers. It is held for designers with one to five years of experience.
  • The event features unique perspectives and fresh ideas.
  • This is an exhibition participated in by the country’s 80-plus leading fashion businesses specializing in clothes for men and women and sundry goods. It aims to expand to worldwide fashion markets.
  • Selected businesses are given an opportunity to give a presentation before domestic and foreign buyers.

This is a fashion-related cultural event and bazaar in which anyone who is interested in fashion, music, and fine art can be a part of.

4.  Needlework industry

Seoul Metropolitan Government runs a program designed to provide support for small-sized needlework businesses, with the focus on Jung-gu, Seongdong-gu, and Jungnang-gu.

  • Striving for development of the needlework industry through a network of businesses with good potential
  • Striving for improvement of working conditions
  • Provision of support for small-sized businesses for higher sales
  • Lease of expensive equipment and devices
  • Provision of customized educational sessions