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  • Policy Proposal Presentation Session to be Held as a Part of the 2011 Seoul International Student Forum (SISF)

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a policy proposal presentation session as part of the Seoul International Student Forum (SISF) at the Welfare Center of the City Hall Seosomun Annex at 6 pm on August 26.

    Winner of the Leadership Prize at the policy proposal presentation session of the 2010 SISF, General Assembly and Workshop of the 2011 SISF

    SISF’s policy proposal presentation session, which marks the fourth annual event this year, is a venue where 84 foreign students from 32 countries, as members of the forum, propose creative ideas to advance the development of Seoul City.

    Notably, this year’s session has focused on the development of creative ideas to enable students to freely express their creative ideas by using various multimedia materials, including user created contents, rather than only using the conventional presentation format.

    Also, outstanding policy proposals will be posted on Seoul Global Center’s website at (global.seoul.go.kr), and will be used as promotional materials for SISF.

    In the policy proposal presentation session, students who are members of SISF, will make policy suggestions in six categories, including employment, the environment, public relations, transportation, information, and housing.

    The most notable proposal will be the, “Installation of Additional Trash Bins on the Street.” The proposal points out that people face an inconvenience due to a lack of garbage bins on the streets of Seoul, and that different garbage bin designs for the respective ward offices make it difficult for people to properly sort and dispose trash that should be recycled materials.

    Another idea calls for the opening of an “Employment Information Seminar” at the Seoul Global Center in order to help foreign students land jobs, which reveals a high level of interest among foreign students who have studied in Seoul to find work in the city.