City Administration Plans


Information as of 21 Feb, 2017

We shall promote an ‘economy of hope’ to enable young people to achieve self-realization.

1. Foster creative professional young people to strengthen the economic foundations of the future

Creative professional young people <No. of people>


  • Promote industry-university cooperation, foster talent systematically -Creation academy, campus, CEO, etc.
  • Link to universities and research institutes in Northeast Asia, create a hub of mobile industries -Universities in Northeast Asia, KIST, Seongsu IT Zone, etc.
  • Foster smartphone application specialists with civil-governmental cooperation
  • Develop historical and cultural content products, foster creative specialists

2. Explore and foster Seoul-style futuristic innovative jobs

Explore ideas→Support commercialization →Link to programs→Support inter-industry collaboration

  • Establish a hub center for youth employment – Explore ideas for jobs and support commercialization

3. Support young people’s business incubation systematically

Enterprises created by young people <No. of enterprises>


  • Stage of business incubation – Select and support potential young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas
  • Stage of market entry – Develop joint brands, and strengthen enterprises’ marketing and viability
  • Stage of growth – Expand number of sales channels and operate revival programs for failed enterprises in a bid to support viable enterprises

We shall create good jobs based on sharing and collaboration.

1. Support the creation of good, sustainable jobs

  • Procure a social investment fund of 300 billion KRW (public sector: 150 billion KRW, citizens’ small investment: 150 billion KRW) – Support funds for social enterprises, village enterprises, and youth venture enterprises
  • Manage Seoul,style microcredit of 20 billion – Provide small financial service without guarantee to self-employed people merely earning their livelihoods and jobless people
  • Adopt employment subsidies and an employment encouragement fund for urban manufacturers (staff of under ten people)

2. Prepare viable growth foundations for village enterprises and social enterprises



Village enterprises <No. of enterprises>



  • Foster civil organizations for the creation of community foundations ► Activate village enterprises
  • Operate development centers for social enterprises ► Provide support tailored to each stage of growth

3. Improve labor conditions to establish a social culture in which labor is respected Worker


  • Convert part-time jobs into full-time jobs in the public sector: Devise measures in 2012 – Private sector: Offer guidelines for standard agreement and incentives to improve the employment structure
  • Expand the rights protection program for marginalized workers – 25 labor welfare centers, 75 civil labor ombudsmen