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Welfare, Health & Security

Welfare: Here is an introduction to Seoul Metropolitan Government’s welfare-related policies formulated through people’s participation, details of relevant projects, and welfare for the handicapped and senior citizens.
Health: Here is an introduction to the following: Seoul Metropolitan Government’s health-related policies; projects for health/medical service and health promotion, and the Seoul Health Call Center.
Living Safety: Here is an introduction to the measures taken by Seoul Metropolitan Government: establishment of a new concept of an everyday safety network in which local residents play a leading role concerning safety
Food Safety: enhancement of capability for food safety / children’s eating habit / marking places of origin / restaurant hygiene management.
All-out efforts to curb MERS: On May 20, the Seoul Metropolitan Government launched the Anti-MERS HQ and has taken diverse measures to prevent the spread of the infectious disease in the city.
City Administration Plans: Here we introduce upcoming policies and plans for Seoul, a city that builds together and initiates change for the better.
Diversifying Communication Channels: The Seoul Metropolitan Government has introduced the currently operational “Honorary Vice-Mayor” system, in order to gather opinions and voices from the field and to reflect them in the City’s administration.
Ten Measures for Public Welfare and Safety: As the recession has accelerated due to the sluggish domestic economy and shrinking consumer sentiment recently, the political confusion has intensified, causing confusion and anxiety among the citizens.
Housing for Young Adults: Housing Conditions of Youth in Seoul / Causes of Housing Insecurity / Insecurity in securing housing cost due to increase in unemployment and lack of regular jobs among the young
Workers Participation in Management: Workers Participation in Management (WPM), as one of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies for labor-management cooperation, selects one or two worker representatives and appoints them as non-executive directors to participate in board meetings.
A Comprehensive Plan for 50+ Assistance: 50+ Renaissance for the Future of the Middle-aged and Elderly The average life expectancy of Koreans has continued to increase, reaching 84.4 years as of 2011.
A Guide to Measures in Case of Yellow Dust: What is Yellow Dust? What is Yellow Dust? YELLOW DUST PARTICULATE MATTER Yellow Dust usually occurs between March and May.

Welfare, Health & Security News