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Urban Regeneration Projects


Current Progress of Major Urban Regeneration Projects in Seoul

Areas for facilitated Urban Regeneration: 27 areas

Project Stage 1 (13 areas): Seoul Station, Sewoon Shopping Center, Nakwon Shopping Center, Changsin-Sungin, Haebangchon, Chang-dong and Sanggye, Janganpyeong, Seongsu-dong, Jangwi-dong, Amsadong, Sinchon-dong, Garibong-dong and Sangdodong
Project Stage 2 (14 areas): Jeong-dong, Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center, 4·19 Crossway, Majang-dong, Cheongnyangni, Suyu 1-dong, Chang 3-dong, Anam-dong, Mok-dong, Bulgwang 2-dong, Cheonyeon-dong, Yeongdeungpo and Gyeongin-ro, Doksan Cattle Market and Nangok-dong

Seoul-specialized Urban Regeneration Projects: 14 areas

Kwangwoon University, Namsan Yejang Area, Sejongdaero, Nodeul Island, Fortress Village, Baeksa Village, Bukhansan mountain area, Northeastern Seoul, Donuimun Gate, Susaek Station, Mapo Oil Depot, G-valley, Seochon, and Dangin-ri

Residential Environment Management Projects: 77 areas

Town Vitalization Projects: 11 areas

“New Garden” Village Projects: 2 areas


Declined Urban Industrial Areas

Historical and Cultural Resources Specialized Areas

Underutilized and Underdeveloped City Center Areas

Regeneration of Residential Areas

Seoul-specialized Urban Regeneration Areas

Residential Environment Management Projects, Town Vitalization Projects, and “New Garden” Village Projects Areas