Platform Changdong 61


A Door Leading to Tomorrow “Platform Changdong 61”

Platform Changdong61 is a complex, cultural space that holds various content for music, performance, lifestyle, fashion and community, all gathered together since May of 2015. Platform Changdong 61 is the initial step for promoting the interest of its residents and the image of 4 of the districts in Northeast Seoul (Gangbuk, Seongbuk, Dobong, and Nowon) that had strong previous image of city only have residence before start a “Project for creation of new economic centered Changdong, Sanggye”.

■ The Background of Promoting Projects

Current Condition of Northeast Districts

Districts in Northeast Seoul were created by the Housing development plan in 1980 through 1990, where most of the population was within five zones of Seoul. However, only residential buildings were focused on during this time. City infrastructure and jobs for residents were not well considered, giving the image that the area was falling behind the rest of the other zones due to the lack of economical vibrancy.

Growth of Performing Culture

In the past decade, the scale of the performing culture had grown, but was still in need of improvement due to the lack of infrastructure. In case of other countries, like England or Japan, success is achieved by invigorating districts with the building of arenas and by breaking up of the function of a city from metro based to sub-metro.

The progress of performing facilities and progress of overall sales (2015 A Research on the Real Condition of Performing Facilities, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism)

Case of Building Arenas Abroad

▲ Super Arena, Saitama, Japan
▲ O2 Arena, London

Project for Creation of the Center of New Economics for Changdong & Sanggye

Since 2014, the City of Seoul made an announcement and moved forward with an ambitious plan to build a Center of New Economics for Changdong & Sanggye in order to develop the district of Northeast Seoul and designate it as the “City of Gathering and Enjoyment”. This was an urban regeneration project to make the region of Changdong and Sanggye united with the metro area and the rest of Northeast Seoul. It aimed to become a cultural and economic hub, ever since a large scale site became available when the Changdong railroad depot moved out. Platform Changdong 61 is a stage from which the Center of New of Economic for Changdong & Sanggye will Boom Up and will become the foundation of the music industry, offering various music performances and cultural content until the Seoul Arena is complete in 2021.

Stage of Boom-up • 2016
• Platform 61
Stage 1 • 2015 → 2018
• Seoul Arena Multi-Cutural facility, Create on Foundation Complex
Stage 2 • 2019 – 2021
• Foundation of Specialized Industry (ICT Infrastructure, Intelligent R&D, Culture & Art), Commercial business complexed facility, Multi distribution Center
Stage 3 • After 2022
• Complexed transfer center etc, medium-long term work


■ Main Plan

The City of Seoul has plans to promote various cultural contents such as music and hobbies, in order to emphasize creativity, distribution and sharing. This is so that the Changdong and Sanggye regions are known as a center for culture and to also set a foundation for the construction business for the Seoul Arena through Platform Changdong 61. In order to make this happen, various programs that include music, performance, food, fashion, and photography will be held at 61 large size containers built with a gross surface area of 2,456.73㎡.

Jan, 2014 Announced about Northeast 4 of district Happy Plan
Feb, 2015 Announced Changdong, Sanggye as a center of new economic area
March, 2015 Establish Urban regeneration invigoration start
June, 2015 Changdong, Sanggye Urban regeration business start
April ,2016 Platform Changdong 61 open


Platform Changdong 61’s features are below.

• Multi-cultural space featuring the latest music trends
• Private control of the content will be managed in order to keep to the latest trends
• Program content would focus on participation and experience rather than just commercial appeal
• Each program’s quality and professionalism would be assured by inviting experts for each different field such as Shin Dae Chul, Cho Se Hyun, etc.
• Provide a various contents like united concert by Genre and Level, Cooking, Style, Photo class etc.

Space for Culture & Art

The Culture & Art space will provide infrastructure needed for music culture such as a theater, recording room, and studio for musicians and artists.

Space for Lifestyle

Anyone can learn and enjoy many different programs like cooking, fashion, and photography from the experts in each one of these fields in the Lifestyle space.

Space for Community

Space for Community

■ Effectiveness Expectations

The Center of Culture & Economics of Northeast Seoul

Beginning with the Platform Changdong 61 and once the construction of the Seoul Arena is done, Seoul will become the new center of culture and economics. The combination of the domestic music industry market, available human resourcing in the region, and accessibility of public transportation, will combine to create a great synergy effect.

The Invigoration of the Regional Economy

Through this new economic hub project in Changdong & Sanggye, 80,000 new job creation is expected. This not only includes companies for music performance, but also 300 or more companies related with content like broadcasting advertisement, movies, and gaming will join to create more than 13,000 additional new jobs.

The present condition of the number of employees in the Contents industry, City of Seoul

2012 278,092
2013 292,891
2014 296,643


Creation of a New Culture

A new culture that includes the resident’s lifestyle would be created after a variety of cultural content had been created with the music industry at its core. Once a new culture is started with the younger population, artists, innovators, and many residents throughout the Changdong and Sanggye regions, the image of Northeast Seoul will be greatly improved and will attract over 100,000 visiting people from the Seoul population annually.