Information as of 21 Feb, 2017

The 21st Century is an era of design focusing on people’s sentiments

The Culture & Tourism Design Headquarters of Seoul Metropolitan Government strives to make Seoul a tourism city that everyone would like to visit and a high-end city where everyone would like to live in. We will develop designs suited to the characteristics of the city and strive to make Seoul an international design city. 

[Shared thought about design] Successful hosting of the World Design Capital (WDC)·SDO (Seoul Design Olympics 200)


The successful hosting of the said events helped Seoul Metropolitan Government enhance the people’s design consciousness and expand the number of design-related people, in addition to turning Seoul into a design city.

[Attention to environment] Upgrade of Seoul’s urban landscape


We will set up a basic mid- and long-term plan for major landscaping elements in an effort to push ahead with an environmentally friendly green design for harmonious coexistence between nature and people through conservation and management, energy saving, reduction of emissions, and low-carbon green programs.

[Attention to people’s everyday lives] Making Seoul a better place to live in


We strive to adopt the concept of universal design to improve facilities, buildings, leisure spaces, and visual media in public areas of the city and minimize inconveniences experienced by people in their daily lives. 

[Attention to culture] Development of brands associated with design city Seoul


We will continue to develop elements, including hatch, that will help the city establish its identity and push ahead with branding programs associated with Seoul, a design city.

[Economic factors] Development of Seoul’s design industry


We will provide support to help the design industry revive through a harmonious linkage between design-related supply and demand and efficient combination among design, production, and marketing.