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City Policies by Category

Sister Cities: Seoul Metropolitan Government maintains sisterly ties or friendly relationship with 42 cities the world over. We will provide relevant information if you need it.
International Organization: Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide information on international organizations of which it is a member upon request.
Multicultural family support project: Seoul’s Plan for the Happiness of All: 4 major goals, 7 core tasks, 36 specific programs In light of continuously increasing numbers, eliminating ...
City Diplomacy: Vision and Direction of Seoul City Diplomacy
SHRDC Global Academy: SHRDC invites foreign city officials and to offer international training programs. Training Topics are related to transportation, e-government, water management, climate change to tackle urban challenges rising around the world.
Friendly Relations with Major Strategic Regions: Seoul Metropolitan Government maintains friendly relationship with major cities all over the world.
Honorary citizens: The following is an introduction to the honorary Seoul citizenship provided to foreigners and to the Global Center operated by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

International Relations News