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[2015] Mayor’s Speech

  • Pledge to Become a First-class Public Enterprise in Pursuit of the Public Good

  • [2015] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1275

    Briefing session on ‘10 innovative measures by Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation’

    Date March 18, 2015, Venue Briefing room, Seoul City Hall

    Good morning. I am here to introduce the 7th ‘Sharing Innovation,’ one of the city’s social innovation initiatives. The innovation plans of 18 city-funded investment institutions will soon be announced, following the construction of the SH Corporation last week. Today, we will announce an innovation plan by the 2nd institution, the Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation. The reason for our endeavor to speed innovation is very simple: desperation. If it is required to safeguard the lives of Seoul citizens, we believe that it must not be delayed or postponed. We believe that innovation is closer than it seems, and easier than you might think.

    Last November, Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation opened the Butterfly Garden, a children’s memorial garden. It honors the lives of all children gone too soon, and serves as a place of hope for a young butterfly to fly freely in the sky.

    Now, the corporation will protect the livelihood of the citizens and improve their quality of life, rather than simply managing the facilities. It has a wide range of businesses (22), including Seoul Metropolitan Memorial; Memorial park management; Seoul World Cup Stadium, built for the 2002 World Cup; the 50-year-old Jangchung Gymnasium; Children’s Grand Park, one of the more popular destinations for children; Cheonggyecheon Stream, frequently visited by office workers during their spare time; driveway management; and cap service for the disabled. The corporation has taken on work that cannot easily be dealt with by the SMG, devoting its energy into the management of all-kinds of facilities for the past three decades.

    When you walk through Cheonggyecheon Stream, you will find many artistic works. The underground shopping mall nearby was likewise turned into a new place for art, so that the people tired of the busy city life can rest for a minute amidst beautiful works of creativity. As such, Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation not only manages the facilities, but has also been involved in a project that can elicit the support of citizens.

    Spring is already upon us. As I doing my best to create a theme that can represent the spring the best, I believe that a place can also have a theme to impress the people. I hope that the theme of these places can contribute to the well-being of the citizens. Families with kids will go to the nearby Children’s Grand Park, and people who like football will visit the Seoul World Cup Stadium. At this point, safety must not be overlooked. According to Heinrich’s law, for every one accident that results in serious injury, there are hundreds of other minor accidents and signs. To prevent this, the SMG has come up with safety innovation. I politely ask for your well wishes and support. Thank you very much.