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  • More Pleasant Spring Flowers Festival – Buses Running Extended Hours

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    More Pleasant Spring Flowers Festival – Buses Running Extended Hours

    Seoul’s primary cherry blossoms event, Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, will be open for six days from April 7 to 12. On this occasion, Seoul City is planning to extend bus hours and make subway line 9 run more often during the weekend so that people can freely and safely enjoy the festival.

    First, on the nights of April 6 and 7, buses passing through the Yeouido area will be running until 1:20AM (garage bound) the next day, so that you can take time to enjoy a promenade under the cherry blossoms.
    Additionally, subway line 9, which passes through National Assembly Station, will run 72 times a day on April 7 and 8 between 1PM and 8PM, as it is expected to be the most crowded period during the festival.

    Just like last year, the amount of visitors for this year’s Spring Flower Festival will most likely reach a peak on the afternoon of April 8. You may want to come at a different time for a more pleasant visit.

    Please visit Topis’ website (http://topis.seoul.go.kr) for more information about the buses’ running times, or call the Dasan Call Center ☎120.

    Bus lines with extended hours

    Bus lines with extended hours
    NumberBus LineBus stops with last bus at 1:20AM
    (Bus Stop ID)
    15623Yeouido Bus Transfer Center (19-007)
    2162Yeouido Station (19-155)
    3463Yoido Full Gospel Church (19-136)
    4153National Assembly Station, Kookmin Bank (19-132)
    5260National Assembly Station (19-133)
    65633Yoido Full Gospel Church (19-136)
    95534Yoido Full Gospel Church
    10262LG Twin Tower (19-284)
    11261Yeouinaru Station (19-140)
    12160Yeouido Bus Transfer Center (19-007)
    13600Yeouido Bus Transfer Center (19-008)
    14753Yoido Full Gospel Church (19-137)
    157613National Assembly Station (19-133)
    166513Yeouido Station (19-156)
    175012Yeouido Bus Transfer Center (19-008)
    185713Yoido Full Gospel Church (19-136)
    19662Yeouido Bus Transfer Center (19-008)
    206628Yeouido Bus Transfer Center (19-008)
    21461Yoido Full Gospel Church (19-136)
    226623Yoido Full Gospel Church (19-136)
    236654Yeouido Park (19-152)
    24360Yeouido Bus Transfer Center (19-008)
    257611Yeouinaru Station (19-140)
    26362National Assembly Station (19-133)
    27Yeongdeungpo 10 Yeouido Station (19-155)
    28Yeongdeungpo 11Yeouido Middle School (19-141)