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  • PLATFORM Chang-dong 61 has Opened, With the Aim of Emerging as a New Cultural Hotspot in Northwestern Seoul

  • Urban Planning News SMG 9356

    The SMG plans to make PLATFORM Chang-dong 61 a cultural hotspot in the northwestern section of the city, in addition to having it serve as the engine for the local economy.

    PLATFORM Chang-dong 61 is a project designed to create a new economic center encompassing Chang-dong and Sanggye-dong. The project will include performance facilities, knowledge-based R&D facilities, an industrial complex, and a public transportation transit center. It aims to attract a thousand businesses and create 80,000 jobs.

    The location has a performance venue made from shipping containers named Red Box, where rock and hip-hop concerts will be held.

    A three-story structure (with the total floor space of 2,241.98㎡), PLATFORM Chang-dong 61 is located within a minute’s walk from Exit 1, Changdong Station. It will accommodate facilities for music, food, fashion, photography, community activities, restaurants, stores, and cafes.

    The area is expected to serve as the first step for the project aimed at forming a new economic center in Chang-dong and Sanggye-dong.

    ▶ Location: 1-9 Chang-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul
    ▶ Close to Subway Line 1 & 4 Chang-dong Station
    ▶ Homepage: www.platform61.kr
    ☎ For inquiries, please call the Project Team for Four Northeastern Districts (☎ 02-2133-8444)