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  • Platform Chang Dong 61 Gathers Renowned Musicians

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  • Platform Chang Dong 61 Gathers Renowned Musicians

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government, in collaboration with Platform Chang Dong 61, will hold the Chang Dong Culture Station four-day music festival in celebration of the Platform Chang Dong 61’s second anniversary from June 21-24, offering all performance seating free of charge.

    The 1st Annual DMZ Peace Train Music Festival will also be celebrated in tandem during the same time period of the Chang Dong Culture Station to promote the message of world peace and unification. Amid the anniversary of the Korean War on June 25, the World Cup and other key dates during the third week of June, a vast array of cultural and arts events are scheduled to take place, advocating themes of peace and passion.

    Platform Chang Dong 61 opened in June of 2016 as a cultural complex of music and performances, comprised of a specially-designed lot housing 61 containers within the once culturally-deprived area of Chang-dong and Sanggye-dong. Plans are also in the works to create Korea’s first-ever, grand performance hall by 2023, under the name of Seoul Arena, which will hold a seating capacity of 20,000, with the aim of inspiring the area to grow in popularity beyond northeastern Seoul to become the performance hot spot and new culture breeding grounds for the entire city.

    During the four days of the festival, approximately 60 different organizations and businesses will partake in a free market, while busking performances as well as a children’s play zone featuring a mini carousel, classic arcade gaming area and more, will be available in the parking lot. At midnight of the 24th, the Platform Chang Dong 61 Red Box will set up a large projector screen to provide free coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Group F match between Korea and Mexico.

    <Chang Dong Culture Station> performance attendance requires first come, first serve reservations that can be made at Interpark and other online ticket providers after visiting the Platform Chang Dong 61 website (