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  • Plans for Protection and Management of International Students for the Second Semester

  • Education, Women & Children News SMG 940

    Although the number of recently confirmed patients through local spreading has become stable, the number of confirmed patients coming from abroad continues to rise. Accordingly, this has called for control of preventative measures regarding international students who are awaiting the second semester of university in terms of revitalization of online classes and management of entrance times into the country.
    ➀ Continued enforcement of protection and management of international students’ entrance into the country
    (Before entrance) Encourage distance learning in the student’s home country, and in the case of students entering the country, provide guidance for separate entrance so that students do not enter around the same time
    (At entrance) Offer transportation from the airport to places of residence (dormitory) through cooperation between the universities and autonomous districts, and test for symptoms to prevent spreading through entrances into the country from abroad
    (After entrance) Conduct preemptive diagnosis tests during the daily monitoring (checking health state at least once a day) and self-isolation period for systematic protection and management
    ➁ Revitalization of online courses in students’ home countries using distance learning
    Each university should use distance learning to allow students to take courses in their home country. Plans should be made to improve the quality of distance learning and increase students’ levels of satisfaction, in addition to improving administrative criteria. Credits for distance learning of international students should be acknowledged for their bachelors’ degrees.
    ➂ Management of entrance times into the country in connection with the management system of students entering from abroad
    Universities should establish a plan of entrance into the country for international students, share the plan with the relevant autonomous district, and enforce control of the entrance times into the country in connection with the conditions for self-isolation in each autonomous district. International students who have secured a residence for self-isolation should be given priority entrance, and in the case of limitations in disinfection and disease prevention during the concentrated entrance of students at a specific time, measures for separate entrances should be enforced.
    ➃ Increased number of residences for self-isolation of international students and strengthened control
    It is advised that international students enter the country after securing residences for self-isolation (single dormitories, temporary isolation facilities, one-room apartments, etc.). Universities should first use idle facilities and dormitories in the university, but continue to secure temporary isolation facilities in the case that accommodating such individuals proves difficult.
    ➄ Support in terms of budget for the protection and management of international students
    KRW 4.2 billion will first be given as support for monitoring personnel and the management of disinfection and disease.