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  • Seoul Plans to Improve and Expand Hongdae Street

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 3969

    Hongdae Walking Street (the 500-meter-long section located between Hongik University Station, subway line 2, and Hongik University) will be transformed into a street with convenience facilities and a convenient walking environment.

    The project is largely divided into three areas: ▲Improving the street environment ▲Developing convenience facilities for tourists, and ▲Public and private cooperation for operating and managing street performances.

    The project for improving the street environment will prevent the street from becoming overcrowded crowds watching street performances and pedestrians mingle, through the systematic arranging of performance areas and the walking environment. The aim of this project is to help the free busking culture and walking environment to coexist in harmony. In addition, guide signs, benches, Free Wi-Fi zones, photo zones, etc. will be installed, and lines will be applied to street furniture as a common design element. By June 2017, a meeting plaza will also be created near the complex station of Hongik University Station (Airport Railroad).

    A convenience facility of 330㎡ will also be constructed for the convenience of tourists at a site that is currently used as a park and vacant lot. Adopting the structure of “slope and puddle,” a performance stage in the shape of a slope will be built in the upper area, and in the bottom area, which is a semi-basement, facilities such as a rest area for visitors, a service area for sightseeing and performance information and reservation, a baggage storage, global ATMs, etc. will be installed.

    Lastly, in order to revitalize the street artistic activities such as street art, flea markets, etc. which are cultural assets and the basis of the inherent charm of Hongdae streets, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will reinforce the operation and management system using local human resources.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held a meeting on June 30, 2016 at Sinhallyu Plus, located in Hapjeong-dong, to present and share the collaboration process and the general plan devised as a result, and also conduct free discussions. The SMG, concerned persons from Mapo-gu, merchants, residents, cultural artists, tourism employees, etc. participated in the meeting.

    The SMG will gather the opinions shared at the meeting and complete the construction by the end of November after establishing the final design for the project and the operation plan for the culture and art activities by July or August 2016.