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  • Issue / Project SMG 1196

    Hello, we are Jasper’s family.

    I am Korean, and my wife is American.

    Mommy, that’s the water.

    I see.

    Today, our family came here to challenge Seoul Children’s Museum.

    look at that.

    Mommy, I wanna do it.

    Okay, push the button, what does it do?

    Yeah, buddy, you are making a good hop.

    Jasper, you are flying.

    Scarlett, look at mommy, Kimchi~

    I would say America has a lot of places to take kids.

    Maybe not as big and as numerous, like there’s so many different places in Seoul that you can take kids.

    Oh my goodness.

    What’s inside? Jasper, what’s in here?

    Now take them back, put them over here.

    Mommy, what’s in here?

    All done.

    The highlight of this place for my kids was the water area.

    They love playing in the water and splashing and then playing with balls.

    What do you want to wear Jasper?

    So handsome, look at you in the mirror.

    Scarlett, look at daddy.

    Wow Jasper, you look cool!

    He’s so handsome.

    Where’s Jasper?

    Do you want to try this, Jasper?

    Handsome, buddy!

    Lately, they’ve been just trapped inside with me because I just had a baby and it’s just been a hot summer.

    But it’s just, it makes me really happy to see them having fun

    and just a variety of activities just to have freedoms. I love it.

    So I thing that was their favorite, so made it mine.