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  • Pet Playground to Open Through New Year’s Holiday

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    Due to the high satisfaction rate of the ‘Pet Playground’ in World Cup Park that was in pilot operation for the winter season, pet playgrounds will open in Children’s Grand Park and Boramae Park starting February 2, 2019, and all playgrounds will be open through the New Year’s holiday from February 2-6. The city will open and operate the two pet playgrounds at Children’s Grand Park and Boramae Park during the winter season without closing.

    Seoul will reopen two pet playgrounds starting February 2 at ▲Children’s Grand Park in Gwangjin-gu (next to the Guuimun Entrance parking lot) and ▲Boramae Park in Dongjak-gu (next to the park’s southernmost Hyanggiwon), and the pet playground at Sangam-dong World Cup Park (next to the Pyeonghwa Park parking lot) will begin regular operations following its wintertime pilot operation.

    The three pet playgrounds will open on the morning of February 2 and will remain open during the holiday period (Feb. 2-6). The playgrounds will be open 24 hours and free of charge. However, they will be closed for the safety of citizens and their pets upon official announcements of special weather reports (cold wave, fine dust, scorching heat, etc.).

    For safe use of the pet playgrounds, pet owners under the age of 13 (children) can visit with an adult chaperone. Admission of pets suspected to be infected with diseases, fierce dogs, and pets in heat will be restricted. Pet owners will be required to bring waste bags and leashes to remove pet waste and prepare for unexpected behavior of their pets.

    Pet Playground Locations

    Children’s Grand Park (Hill next to Guuimun Entrance parking lot)

    World Cup Park (Next to large parking lot of Sangam-dong Pyeonghwa Park)

    Boramae Park (Next to the Boramae Park southernmost Hyanggiwon in Sindaebang-dong)