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  • Pet Dog Registration System to be fully implemented in 2013

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    Starting in 2013, a new pet dog registration system will be implemented under which pet dogs will be given identification numbers and pet owners will have to register their dogs and buy ID chips or tags for them for 10,000 won ~ 20,000 won. Among other advantages, this system will enable pet owners to find lost dogs more easily.

    According to an announcement by the municipal government, pet dogs more than three months old must be registered starting from January 2013, as stipulated under the revised Animal Protection Act (Aug. 4, 2011). The law aims to enhance pet owners’ responsibility while facilitating the recovery of lost pets. A similar system of pet dog registration has been implemented in a number of countries overseas including the U.S., Japan, Australia and Taiwan.

    Currently, more than 16,000 dogs get lost each year in Seoul. Owners suffer mental distress while the administration has to spend an increasing amount of money trying to recover them.

    Pets can be registered at animal clinics designated by district offices. (See the district office websites for the list of the hospitals.)

    Owners must visit the clinics with their pets, fill out an application form and buy one of the three ID chips/tags available.

    Each pet dog must have one of the following: an embedded electronic chip, an electronic tag, or an ordinary dog tag, at a price of 20,000 won, 15,000 won and 10,000 won, respectively.

    Guide dogs or adopted stray dogs may be registered free. A 50% deduction is offered for dogs with embedded electronic chips, dogs owned by people on the minimum wage or income, or neutered dogs.

    Failure to register a pet dog will incur a penalty of up to 1 million won under the Animal Protection Act. However, the first half of 2013 will be an amnesty period during which the penalty will not be charged. For further details, please contact the Animal Protection Division of Seoul City Administration at+82-2-2133-7656.