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  • Performances Held in Hangang Park

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    Performances Held in Hangang Park

    – 50-plus performances a week
    – Jazz performances held every Wednesday and Saturdays in Yeouido Water Stage
    – Classical music, jazz, and film viewing at 8 Riverview Avenue, Gwangjingyo (Bridge)
    – Street artists’ performances

    Koreans have regarded themselves as lovers of poetry, music, and drinking. During the Joseon Period, scholars and those of the noble class enjoyed the riverside scenery, drinking with friends at pavilions or on boats. Nowadays, a modern version of such custom is continued at many Hangang parks. More than 50 performances are held. Hangang parks can be regarded as the largest performing place in Seoul. Performances are held until the end of October at the following places at Hangang parks (measuring a total of 9.1㎢): Yeouido Water Stage; 8 Riverview Avenue, Gwangjingyo (Bridge), and; various sites for street performances.

    Yeouido Water Stage is the only place in Hangang (River) where performances are held at a stage installed on the river. The Hangang Night of Jazz is held here at 7:00 PM every Wednesday and Saturday.

    How to get there: 1) Subway Line 5 Yeouinaru Station Exit 2, Walk in the direction of Mapodaegyo (Bridge)
    2) Subway Line 2 Dangsan Station Exit 4, Walk in the direction of Yacht Ferry.

    8 Riverview Avenue, Gwangjingyo (Bridge) runs the following programs: classical music, jazz, and band during weekends; film viewing on Fridays (7:30 PM), and; display of artworks all year round. This is a place where you can look down at the river through glass.

    Schedule for May 2013

    • May 17 (Fri.), 6:00~7:00 PM Saxophone performance
    • May 18, 5:00~6: 30 PM Classic guitar concert
    • May 19, 6:00 ~7:00 PM Jazz performance
    • May 26, 6:00~7:00 PM Band performance

    Second and fourth Fridays: Showing of independent art movies

    How to get there: Subway Line 5 Gwangnaru Station Exit 2 or Cheonho Station Exit 2 Walk in the direction of Gwangjingyo (Bridge).

    It is also a nice thing to hear beautiful melodies from somewhere when taking a walk in a Hangang Park. Actually, they are melodies made by street performers. At present, a total of 67 street artist teams are playing (instruments: ocarina, pan flute; types of show: magic show, hip hop, acoustic, Indie band, mime; music genres: classical and traditional Korean percussion music) in Hangang parks between Gwangnaru and Nanji with permission from the authorities.

    Cultural event timetable at Hangang parks (May 2013)

    Hour/Date Contents
    Water Stage Performance 7:00~8:00 PM every Wednesday and Saturday Hangang Night of Jazz