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  • People Invited to Make Policy Decisions Based on City Officials’ Proposals

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government will push through with programs designed to have people select policies among those formulated based on city officials’ ideas. Such programs include: installation of a skating rink in Dream Forest; operation of a clinic for the treatment of sick trees, and; invigoration of traditional markets in cooperation with local cable TV.

    On July 5, Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold an event for the introduction of innovative ideas related to the local government’s administrative services proposed by city officials at the headquarters of Woori Bank in Sogong-dong.

    Ideas introduced at the event are those selected from a total of 1,743 proposals made by Seoul Metropolitan Government officials between November last year and May this year. The selection was made with the help of experts focusing on creativity and practicability.

    The 100 member evaluators who include Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, high-ranking officials, college students, and housewives will select the top prize winner.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government operates the Knowledge-Sharing System to receive city officials’ good policy ideas. From 260,000 received so far, 16,000 ideas have been commercialized.

    Commenting on the event, Mayor Park Won Soon said, “We are striving to turn good ideas submitted by city officials into policies.”