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  • Once Again, People Are Hope. Citizens Are Mayors!

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    Respectable citizens of Seoul,
    I am Park Won Soon, the mayor of Seoul.

    Once again, I am standing here thanks to the love you showed me last June.

    Once again, in Seoul, the citizens are mayors.

    The heroes of my sixth term as the mayor of Seoul, elected by popular vote, the heroes of all four years of the sixth term of the mayor of Seoul, are you, the ten million citizens of Seoul. I thank you.

    Now, Seoul will become a “People Special City”.

    It will be a city that puts people first, a city where there is warmth, safety, hope, and dreams.

    The change has already begun.

    For the past two years and eight months, as the mayor of Seoul, I have endeavored to make Seoul a city where the safety and happiness of the people come first, a city where the people are happier now than they were in the past, and will be even happier in the future.

    Over the next four years, Seoul will become a safer, richer, and happier city than it has been in the last two years and eight months.

    Seoul will become a “People Special City,” safe from disasters and poverty and free from unnecessary competition, where all citizens benefit from the economic growth of the city.

    The new Seoul will be built on a foundation of safety, welfare, and a creative economy.

    The administration will continue to work in a way that is based on common sense and principles, reason, and balance.
    Creating a government of innovation, creation, good governance, and integration will be our primary and steadfast goal.

    The government that neglected the people for the sake of administrative convenience, efficiency, external growth, and profit will disappear, and an era of government that puts the people at ease through kind and practical administration is coming.

    Parting from the old economy and external growth, where the focus was on structures, facilities, and construction, we will head toward the era of the creative economy, where the focus is on people, who are the real owners of our city.

    In the past, Seoul achieved substantial quantitative growth through the so-called “Miracle on the Hangang (River)”.

    The new Seoul will begin a new chapter of qualitative growth by achieving the “Miracle of Regions and Neighborhoods”.

    Beloved citizens of Seoul,

    The Sewol Ferry incident taught us a painful lesson about what is truly most important to us.
    There is nothing in the world that can match the value of a human life.

    Seoul can only be safe when the lives of every single one of our citizens are safe.
    The Republic of Korea can only be safe when the lives of every single one of our citizens are safe!

    Our citizens are Seoul. Our citizens are the Republic of Korea.

    Inspiring our citizens to dream and hope without the burden of fearing for their safety and livelihoods.
    This is the reason Seoul and the Republic of Korea exist!

    In my sixth term as mayor, elected by popular vote, Seoul will hold the safety of the citizens as its utmost priority in all administrative affairs.

    We will strive to make Seoul a safe place, where we keep our citizens safe from disaster and accidents, safe from crime and terror, safe from injustice and corruption, safe from disease and pollution, safe from poverty and inhumane conditions, safe from contaminated food, free from worries about housing and jobs, and free from anxiety about education!


    Respectable citizens of Seoul,

    We are currently wading through a very difficult time.

    As we enter the era of a super-aged society, Korea is burdened with 1 quadrillion won in household debt, 1 quadrillion won in public debt, high unemployment and suicide rates, and a low birth rate.

    We are being pushed into a tense arena, where competition and speed are everything.
    We are crossing the river of a weary era, lonely and disheartened, our hopes and dreams abandoned.

    But a crisis is also an opportunity for change.
    People are at the center of it. The confidence of people who trust one another is critical.
    And community, shared spaces where people live together, is key.


    Seoul will invest in the people. We will invest in regions and neighborhoods, communities where people live together and trust each other. We will transform Seoul into a “Welfare Special City,” a welfare community where welfare leads our citizens to happy futures.

    Under the broad principle of the welfare visit, we will create a solid foundation of support for citizens by building a region-specific social welfare network. Visiting welfare planners will work side-by-side with our citizens as good friends, providing them with guidance and assistance.

    We will do our best so that you may enjoy a life of dignity and happiness, from the moment you are born in Seoul to the moment you leave Seoul

    Beloved citizens of Seoul,

    A steady growth engine is essential to ensure safety and welfare in our daily lives.

    The growth engine of the sixth term of the mayor of Seoul will be the Seoul-style Creative Economy.
    The keys to the Seoul-style Creative Economy are people and a diverse industrial infrastructure.

    The five bases of Korea’s creative economy—the Sinchon/Hongdae/Hapjeong Valley, Sangam DMC, Dongdaemun Creative Economy Cluster, Guro G Valley, and the Gaepo ICT—along with the three knowledge-based hubs of Magok, Chang-dong/Sanggye, and Hongneung form a firm foundation for growth that will nurture 100,000 professionals in the creative industries.

    Sharing the benefits of growth with all the citizens of Seoul, the “Seoul-style Creative Economy” will be a growth engine that leads Seoul for the next 100 years.


    Beloved and respectable citizens of Seoul,

    The challenges that lay in front of us and the goals that we aspire to cannot be easily overcome or achieved.

    The towering walls of public distrust, practices of the development era, authoritative bureaucracy, and outdated stereotypes stand firmly in our way.

    The tides of frustration, despair, and skepticism regarding whether we can actually make changes are slamming against us.

    However, the crisis is not on the outside, but is within our society and within ourselves.

    We must cross the river of distrust and climb over the mountain of resignation and apathy.

    We must make small changes based on common sense and principles, starting with ourselves, on the inside, and with small things.

    Let us create trust from there and work together.

    Let us gather our wisdom to overcome this crisis that we are facing.

    With bold courage and a creative spirit of challenge, let us break from the old and create the new.


    In this process, innovation and governance will be the wings that allow the new Seoul and the new era to take off.

    In my sixth term as mayor of Seoul, we will not stop. We will continue to innovate and proceed in a way that is based on common sense and principles.

    When we improve and reform our own lives and our society, we will once again have hope.

    All the officials of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, including myself, will serve as role models of innovation.

    We will continue to reform and innovate in order to transform Seoul into a global model for innovative cities, where the people, government officials, and public sector workers all come to learn about and truly understand innovation.

    Citizens of Seoul,

    All of this work cannot be completed by the officials of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and I alone.

    It can only be done if you work with us.

    Now, the table for a new Seoul, in the second term of Mayor Park Won Soon, has been set.
    All citizens are invited to this table as regular guests at any time, and everyone, including our partners at the Seoul Metropolitan Council, civil society, financial and labor sectors, experts and stakeholders, are all guests at this table as well.


    We will sit around this table, discuss various issues, and find solutions together.

    Now, I hold the torch of common sense and principles, and I will walk down to the very bottom, to the darker areas, to the villages and lives of our citizens.

    I will cherish the dreams of every single one of our ten million citizens, and I will engrave in my mind the words of the inauguration speeches that you have given me.

    For the next four years, I will serve and work together with the citizens of Seoul.
    Once again, our citizens are mayors.

    Thank you.