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  • Pedestrian-friendly Hanyang University Youth Street

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    Pedestrian-friendly Hanyang University Youth Street

    The area in front of Hanyang University in Seongdong-gu was remodeled into “Hanyang University Youth Street” and was open to the public on July 18, 2017. The remodeling is significant in that it creates a safe and comfortable pedestrian environment in the Hanyang University and Wangsimni Station area with a large floating population volume.

    The “Hanyang University Youth Street” was formed between Majo-ro 1-gil and Majo-ro 19-gil, Seongdong-gu encompassing an area over 58,230 m² as part of the community-centered pedestrian street project.

    To ensure pedestrian safety, the entire street has a reduced speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour. The road by Majo-ro 19-gil, which can be accessed from Exit 6 of Wangsimni Station, has been reduced from three to two lanes and the width of the pedestrian road has been expanded to 5.3 meters.

    The revampment of the roads by Majo-ro 2-gil and Majo-ro 3ga-gil became more pedestrian-friendly and LED security lights and closed circuit surveillance cameras were installed to make sure that pedestrians walk around safely at night.

    To provide further animation to the youth street, the SMG also installed 16 trick art displays and a new plaza, Ssamzie Plaza. The venue is expected to become a new landmark of the urban area frequently visited by the citizens of Seoul.

    Pedestrian-friendly Hanyang University Youth Street table
    Before expansion of the sidewalkAfter expansion of the sidewalk
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    Ssamzie PlazaTrick Art
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